About Us

Maserati of London is more than just a Maserati dealership. We are London’s Maserati authority, and when the time comes for you to find one of your very own, you owe it to yourself to come and see us first. We opened our doors in 2017, and since then we have been the area’s leading experts and enthusiasts on everything Maserati. We are community driven and locally focused, with an endless desire to give back to the community that has given us the chance to do what we love. It is for this reason that set up the family and kid space in our showroom. We know that it’s not just single people or couples who are looking for the exciting lifestyle of a luxury vehicle, families need to feel the incredible rumble of a Maserati engine under their feet as well. For the buyer though, we believe that the Maserati experience begins the moment that you want one, and that is why we work hard to ensure that you drive away with the Maserati that you are most excited about. That is why we created the Vehicle Design Studio so that you can craft your dream vehicle from the ground up and watch it come to life in front of you. You get to work with one of our incredible team members as they guide you through the step by step process of turning your vision board creations into a real life example of metal and world-class engineering. We work with you to go through it all: exterior, interior, details, trims, whatever you dreamt about in your most fanciful imaginings we are here to make a reality, and that is just where your journey begins.

What really sets us apart from other dealerships is our approach to selling you a new vehicle. Where at a different place you may find yourself passed person to person through two or three different departments, every time joining a new team member and having to explain your current situation with increasing frustration. That wasn’t very us, so we decided to just become experts at everything. Our team member becomes your team member, and they stick with you through the whole process. Just one point of contact, your person at Maserati of London. When it comes to what we offer it should come as no surprise that we cover every single base. From our innovative sales approach and custom vehicle design process to our VIP Service Department that brings another level of luxury and competency to your regular service appointments, we are leading the charge into your exciting new luxury future. Our Service Department specializes in Maseratis, so you know when you bring your pride and joy back to us for an oil change we are going to treat it the way it deserves to be treated. From start to finish, and every step along the way, we are the very best Maserati dealer in London, and maybe even all of Ontario. So, when you are ready, come and see us to take the next step up the social ladder, and tick another achievement off your to-do list. We’ll be right here at Maserati of London ready to help you slip behind the wheel of your dream car today!