What is Maserati Connect?

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Maserati Connect allows drivers to easily connect their favourite devices to their Maserati vehicle of choice. By connecting their devices, drivers can have immediate access to their vehicle’s features and services, even when they’re away from it. Wondering what Maserati Connect can do for drivers? Below, we’ve highlighted the greatest benefits drivers can enjoy while using Maserati Connect. 

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Navigation Features

With Maserati Connect, planning your route and sticking to it has never been easier. Drivers who connect their smart device to their Maserati vehicle via Maserati Connect can enjoy detailed turn-by-turn navigation with real-time traffic info. Drivers can also receive updates about weather and parking availability at their destination. 

Stay Connected

Maserati Connect can be enjoyed by more than just the driver. Passengers will appreciate the on-board Wi-Fi hotspot with complimentary 3GB package. Up to eight devices can be connected to this hotspot at any given time, making it easy for passengers to stay connected while on the move.

Amazon Alexa Support

Maserati Connect features support for Amazon Alexa. Drivers can easily activate Alexa through vocal commands, allowing drivers to keep their undivided attention on the road ahead. Once active, drivers can request Alexa to play music, read the latest news, check for weather updates, control compatible home devices, and more. 

A driver using the Maserati Connect app

Activate Emergency Services

Drivers who use Maserati Connect can travel with greater peace of mind. Maserati Connect can be used to place emergency calls, request roadside assistance, gauge vehicle diagnostics, or contact Maserati customer service. This connectivity system also includes anti-theft features like a stolen vehicle locator and car alarm notifications. 

How to Register for Maserati Connect

Setting up Maserati Connect is a quick and easy process. After downloading the Maserati Connect app via the App Store or Google Play Store, drivers will be prompted to register their vehicle. Users will be sent a welcome email, which will include a link to begin the process. 

From this link, drivers will be sent to the Maserati Connect Customer Web Portal. Here, drivers will establish a username and password for their Maserati Connect account. After filling out some personal information and accepting the terms and conditions, drivers can return to the app and login using their newly-created account. 

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