Which Maserati Fuoriserie Model is Right for You?

Maserati Unica over an abstract background

The Maserati Fuoriserie Collection provides drivers with the exciting opportunity to order a distinct and personalized Maserati vehicle. However, some interested drivers may find it hard to choose between the three collections that make up this program. Wondering which Maserati Fuoriserie model is right for you? Below, we’ve highlighted the differences between the three Maserati Fuoriserie models to help drivers make their decision. 

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What is a Maserati Fuoriserie? 

The Maserati Fuoriserie Collection allows drivers to order a custom Maserati vehicle that has been built to their desired specifications. Drivers can choose from three different collections, which include the Corse, Unica, and Futura models. After selecting the base model, drivers are able to choose between a variety of exterior colour options, upholstery options, and feature packages to create a vehicle that’s truly personal to the driver.  

However, many drivers find it difficult to choose between the Corse, Unica, and Futura collections. These three base models were built to emphasize three different aspects of Maserati design. To simplify the decision-making process, we’ve outlined the basics of all three collections below. 

Maserati Fuoriserie Collection


The Maserati Fuoriserie Corse Collection was designed to celebrate the rich history and tradition of Maserati engineering. Maserati enthusiasts will recognize many of the heritage colours and legacy design elements that have been incorporated into this collection. The interior design was heavily inspired by the work of Alfieri Maserati himself. The Corse Collection is the perfect choice for drivers who want a vehicle that perfectly blends contemporary automotive engineering with traditional design aesthetics. 


Drivers who want a vehicle that embraces the present and takes inspiration from the latest trends in fashion, art, and design will enjoy the Maserati Fuoriserie Unica Collection. This collection features many bold and vibrant colour options, including Orange Zest, Bronzo, Blu Royale, Nero Luce, and more. This collection will appeal to drivers who want a stylish, modern vehicle that makes a strong first impression. 


The Fuoriserie Futura Collection is for drivers who are interested in the future of automotive technology and design. This collection prioritizes performance and innovative technology, providing drivers with a cutting-edge, refined driving experience. The Futura collection was also built using sustainable materials, resulting in a unique and environmentally-friendly cabin.  

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