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Blue Maserati Trident logo over a black backgroundThe iconic Maserati trident logo makes it easy for drivers to identify a Maserati vehicle. But what is the history behind this symbol, and why was it chosen to represent the Maserati brand? To educate drivers about the history of this beloved emblem, we’ve put together a comprehensive history of the Maserati trident in the blog post below. 

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When Was the Trident First Used? 

The Maserati Trident logo has been used on every Maserati racing car in the automaker’s history. The trident was designed by Mario Maserati, the only member of the Maserati family who did not have an interest in the automotive world. However, he was a talented artist, and was commissioned by his brothers to create the company’s logo. Maserati’s first vehicle, the Tipo 26, was completed in 1926 and was adorned with the now-famous Maserati Trident. 

What is the Meaning Behind the Maserati Trident? 

When designing the Maserati logo, Mario Maserati took inspiration from his family’s hometown of Bologna, Italy. Before it became a symbol of Maserati, the trident was a symbol of Bologna. A large statue of the Roman god Neptune is located atop a fountain in the city’s central square, Piazza Maggiore, wielding a large trident. According to locals, the trident serves as a symbol of the community’s strength and vigour. 

The statue has been a symbol of the city since the 16th century, and many local businesses and organizations include a trident somewhere in their logo as a result. Mario decided to uphold this tradition when designing the Maserati logo, resulting in the creation of the iconic Maserati symbol we know today. 

The Statue of Neptune from which Maserati was inspired to make the Trident logo

Why Does Maserati Use White, Red, and Blue in Its Logo? 

The Maserati trident is often portrayed in the colours white, red and blue. As with the trident itself, the origin and meaning behind this colour selection can be found in the Maserati family’s hometown. These colours are used in the City of Bologna’s official banner. To further strengthen the automaker’s connection to the Maserati family’s roots, these colours were chosen to represent the brand. 

How Has the Trident Logo Changed?

While the Maserati Trident has seen several tweaks and updates over the company’s lengthy history, the overall design has remained mostly the same. The most recent update to the Trident logo came with the release of the 2022 Maserati MC20. This updated logo features a streamlined design that eliminates the red in favour of a second tone of white, creating a more modern appearance. 

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