How Does Maserati Connect Work?

A man using Maserati Connect via a smartwatch.

Maserati Connect Functionality at Maserati of London

Maserati Connect is an advanced in-vehicle system that allows drivers to integrate their favourite devices with their Maserati vehicle’s infotainment system. Wondering how the Maserati Connect feature works and how it can help you in your travels? Below, we’ve broken down everything drivers need to know about this smart device connectivity suite. 

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What Features Are Included With Maserati Connect?

By connecting your device to your vehicle via Maserati Connect, drivers can access an entire suite of unique and useful features. Maserati Connect can help drivers find their way to their destination with real-time traffic info and regularly-updated maps. Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity is also available for up to eight devices, making it easy for drivers to stay connected to their favourite services. 

The Maserati Connect app being used on a phone


Easily Connect Your Device 

Maserati Connect is compatible with a wide range of devices. In addition to your smartphone, Maserati Connect is also compatible with a variety of smartwatches and virtual personal assistants, such as Amazon Alexa. No matter what your smart device of choice is, chances are it’ll be able to connect to your Maserati vehicle via Maserati Connect.

Amazon Alexa Support 

Amazon Alexa integration provides drivers with an exciting range of convenient features and services. With Alexa, Maserati drivers can play music via vocal commands, access live news coverage, check the local weather forecast, control their smart home devices from behind the wheel, and much more. 

Emergency Connectivity Services 

In addition to providing drivers with a variety of navigation and convenience features, Maserati Connect also provides drivers with an extra line of protection in case of emergency. Maserati Connect gives drivers access to a wide range of emergency services in the event of a vehicle breakdown or a collision. Additionally, Maserati Connect can help drivers locate their vehicle in the event it’s been stolen. 

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