How Will the Maserati Grecale Perform in Winter?

Maserati Grecale driving down a city streetThe Maserati Grecale is a highly-anticipated SUV that has caught the attention of many luxury vehicle enthusiasts. But some Canadian drivers might be wondering: How will the Maserati Grecale perform in winter? Fortunately, Maserati has taken great strides to ensure this SUV can handle even the most extreme winter weather conditions. Continue reading to learn more about the ways Maserati has prepared the Grecale to tackle cold-temperature driving. 

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Maserati Grecale Winter Performance Details 

In January of 2022, Maserati published a press release detailing the results of a winter performance test that the latest Grecale prototypes were subject to. The test was performed in Sweden, and was designed to appraise the driveability and start-up capability of the Grecale prototype in extremely cold and slippery conditions. 

Even when the temperature reached a low of -30°C, Maserati reports that the Grecale started without difficulty. Similarly, the test found that the SUV had no problem maintaining good traction on tarmac surfaces covered in snow and ice. The SUV was able to complete high-performance laps on a variety of circuits, some of which featured intricate corners and slopes, without the cold weather interfering. 

What Makes the Maserati Grecale Unique?  

Many automotive enthusiasts are excited by the Maserati Grecale because of its push towards innovation. Maserati has promised drivers that the Grecale will be a revolutionary model that incorporates the latest automotive technology features and will push the limits of luxury SUV performance. Maserati vehicles have long been praised for their beautiful Italian craftsmanship and fine-tuned performance, and the Grecale intends to not only live up to that legacy, but push it forward. 

Maserati Grecale from the side

When Will the Maserati Grecale Be Released? 

Maserati has not yet confirmed a concrete release date for the Grecale. However, Maserati recently teased that the global debut of the Grecale will be occurring on March 22nd, 2022. This event will showcase the Grecale in full, including more information on the SUV’s powertrain, dimensions, available features, and more. The event will also reveal the release window for this SUV. 

Where Can I Find More Maserati Grecale Information? 

Maserati of London, located in London, Ontario, is happy to help drivers keep up to date with the latest models from Maserati, including the Grecale. Our blog is a great place to keep up with the latest Maserati news. We’ve covered the Grecale previously, and will continue to do so as more information is revealed. 

Alternatively, drivers can give our sales team a call at (866) 953 – 3424 to learn more about the Maserati Grecale. Our friendly team of Maserati vehicle experts will be more than happy to talk with you about the vehicle’s confirmed details and future availability.