What is Maserati Classiche? | Maserati of London in Ontario

Classic Maserati car parked over a black background

Maserati has a long and storied history within the automotive industry. For over a century, this automaker has created many beloved vehicles. That’s why Maserati has launched the Classiche certification program – to verify the authenticity of classic Maserati vehicles, and provide high-quality maintenance service to legacy models. Below, we’ve broken down everything that drivers need to know about the Maserati Classiche program. 

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What Vehicles Qualify for the Program? 

The Maserati Classiche certification program provides certificates of authenticity to Maserati vehicles that are over 20 years old, and to limited-series Maserati models regardless of their model year. The authentication process includes a 300-point inspection that verifies the vehicle’s components using historical archive data. Once verified, the vehicle owner will receive a personalized enamel emblem in addition to the certificate of authenticity.

Maserati Replacement Part Support

In the past, legacy Maserati vehicle owners often had to rely on third-party parts sellers to find the vehicle components they needed to keep their vehicle in good condition. Thankfully, the Maserati Classiche program has made it easier for drivers to acquire spare parts, which are now developed and supplied directly from Maserati. 

These replacement parts aren’t complete recreations of the original components, however. Maserati is using the latest automotive technology to improve the reliability and functionality of these legacy parts, while still remaining as faithful as possible to the original purpose and design. 

Classic Maserati engine close-up

Maserati Restoration 

Legacy Maserati vehicles feature many complex internal systems, which can make them difficult to restore through third-party services. Fortunately, the Maserati Classiche program offers complete and official restoration support for legacy Maserati models. Our technicians have access to historical documentation, providing them with all the knowledge they need to bring a Maserati model back to its former glory.  

Car Detailing Service 

Legacy Maserati owners who don’t need a complete restoration but still want to keep their vehicle in good condition will be happy to know that car detailing services are also provided through the Maserati Classiche program. These services include surface sealing and polishing, which can protect the vehicle’s exterior paint from scratches and scuffs. 

How Can Drivers Apply for Certification? 

Drivers interested in applying for certification can do so through the international Maserati website, via the form located on the Maserati Classiche page. Upon sending in the form, Maserati Classiche representatives will get in contact with you to discuss the logistics of the certification. 

Whether you have a new or legacy Maserati vehicle, Maserati of London in Ontario can help drivers with all aspects of vehicle service. Drivers can schedule a service appointment right here on the Maserati of London website. Have any questions for our service department? Call our team at (833) 511 – 1018.