What is Maserati Connect?

Maserati Connect

Maserati Connect in London, Ontario

Maserati Connect is the Italian luxury automaker’s advanced suite of connectivity technologies that seamlessly connects your Maserati vehicle to your digital devices. Continue reading below as our team of Maserati experts explore the impressive capabilities of Maserati Connect, a feature available on new 2023 Maserati models that we have for sale here at Maserati of London.

The Luxury of Being In Control

Enjoy the luxury of having a plethora of ways to seamlessly and intuitively interact with your Maserati vehicle through Maserati Connect, an advanced suite of vehicle connectivity features that take Maserati ownership to the next level. Whether it’s through your smartphone, smartwatch, or through an intelligent personal assistant (like Amazon Alexa), Maserati Connect allows you access to your vehicle’s location and status anytime and from anywhere.

Maserati Connect App

Maserati Connect App:

With the Maserati Connect App, you have the ability to gain real-time information about your vehicle’s fuel level, tire pressure, odometer, oil life, vehicle health report card, door lock status and engine on/off status. You also have the ability to lock and unlock the doors, flash the vehicle’s lights, beep the vehicle’s horn, as well as remotely turn the engine on and off all from your smartphone device. Furthermore, Maserati Connect enables navigation with real-time traffic updates, your vehicle’s complimentary Wi-Fi hotspot functionality, as well as dedicated emergency, breakdown or car theft support.

Maserati Connect Smartwatch Extension:

With the Maserati Connect Smartwatch Extension, enjoy the ability to interact with a handful of your vehicle’s remote operations.

Maserati Connect Smartwatch Extension
Alexa Home to Vehicle

Alexa Home to Vehicle:

With Maserati Connect enabled, enjoy the luxury of being able to use your Amazon Alexa device to remotely lock and unlock the doors, send a navigation destination or check your Maserati’s fuel level, all from the comfort of your own home!

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