What is Maserati Folgore? 

Maserati Folgore teaser

Maserati Folgore is a new step forward for the Maserati brand. Folgore is the name of the new wave of electric Maserati vehicles in production, which the brand is currently developing in Italy. But what models are part of the Folgore series, and when are they expected to be released? Below, we’ve answered all the major questions drivers have been asking about the Maserati Folgore. 

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What Models are Included in the Maserati Folgore Lineup? 

There are three Maserati vehicles currently confirmed for the Maserati Folgore lineup. These include Folgore versions of the GranTurismo, GranCabrio, and the upcoming Maserati MC20. These vehicles will be the first cars from Maserati to include a 100% electric powertrain. 

When Will the Maserati Folgore Vehicles Come Out? 

Currently, Maserati has not set an official release date for any of the Maserati Folgore models. As the Maserati Folgore lineup is still in the development process, it may be some time before Maserati confirms a release date for the GranTurismo, GranCabrio, or MC20 Folgore models. 

Maserati Foglore powertrain tease

Where Can Drivers Find Additional Maserati Folgore Info? 

The Maserati website has an international news section that contains updates for the Maserati Grecale, Maserati Folgore, and more. When Maserati publishes a new press release for Maserati Folgore, it’s likely to appear on this page. Drivers can also contact our team here at Maserati of London. We keep up to date with the latest Maserati news, and will be happy to provide you all the information we currently have regarding Maserati Folgore. 

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