What is the Maserati Grecale?

Drivers interested in the latest Maserati vehicles may have seen reference to the Maserati Grecale. This upcoming Maserati model is a new SUV that promises to revolutionize the way Maserati develops its vehicles. Promising innovative technology features, exceptional performance, and a bold exterior design, this is an SUV that luxury vehicle enthusiasts should keep their eyes on. 

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What Does the Name Grecale Mean?

Maserati has a tradition of naming its vehicles after wind. The Maserati Grecale takes its name from a northeastern wind that travels across the Mediterranean Sea. The Grecale isn’t the first Maserati model to take its name from the Mediterranean. The Levante, Maserati’s first SUV model, made its debut in 2016 and was named after the easterly wind that blows through the same region.

What Features will the Maserati Grecale Include?

Currently, there are no specific features confirmed for the Maserati Grecale. However, early statements from Maserati indicate that the Grecale will include new technology features and design qualities never before seen in a Maserati vehicle. The Grecale represents a change in the way Maserati approaches luxury SUV design, which means drivers should expect to see plenty of exciting new features and amenities. 

Maserati Grecale prototypes

When will the Maserati Grecale Release?

There is currently no set release date for the Maserati Grecale. While Grecale development models and prototypes have been teased to the public by Maserati, the Grecale proper has not yet received a formal unveiling. Maserati is planning to reveal more information about the Grecale sometime in November 2022 at an event hosted in Milan. 

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Where can Drivers Find Maserati Grecale News?

At the moment, Maserati is encouraging drivers to sign up for the latest Maserati Grecale news directly through the Maserati website. Aside from opting in for Grecale-specific news, drivers interested in keeping up with the Grecale or Maserati in general should visit the News section of the Maserati website. We’re also more than happy to provide drivers with the latest Maserati news here at Maserati of London. Feel free to contact us and ask about the Grecale or other Maserati models. 

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