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2020 Maserati GranTurismo
2019 Maserati GranTurismo in London, ON

No one trick pony, the Maserati GranTurismo excels over both short and long distances, setting records at the racetrack, or impressing all those you come across on your next trip. A grand tourer and race-ready option at the same time, not only that but the latest and greatest in technology and safety features find themselves at home in this exhilarating Italian sport option. Maserati of London is your Ontario destination for the 2019 Maserati GranTurismo, offering as thrilling and all-encompassing of a modern sports car that you can get.

2020 Maserati GranTurismo
Exhilarating Performance
Iconic Italian Design
2019 GranTurismo Sport
2019 GranTurismo Sport

Ferrari-built, and designed to hold up to the rigours of the Canadian driving elements, as well as all you put it through, the 4.7L V8 engine on both the Sport and MC trims provide for a high-powered, smooth and efficient response, all at the same time. When the London roads get slick, slippery and icy over the winter months, the Increased Control & Efficiency (ICE) mode is specifically designed to do exactly what it says, help you maintain better control, and sparing precious fuel in the process. Not only is its stability helped along by its systems, but also its build as well, including a weight distribution that’s close to perfect, the engine placed behind the front axle, Brembo brakes and a double-wishbone suspension. 

Engine 4.7L V8
Transmission AT 6 (RWD)
Max Power (hp) 454
Max Torque (lb-ft) 384
Max Speed (km/h) 299
Acceleration (0-100 km/h) (secs) 4.8
Fuel Consumption (combined) (L/100 km) 14.7
Exterior Design

If you look at a sportscar like this GranTurismo your eyes and mind might immediately go to its racetrack looks and gorgeous style. That’s all true, but specifically-targeted utility exists underneath each one of these features. The front spoiler, side skirts and front bumper slots are there to help get as much downforce as possible when you reach top speeds, and also provide a cooling system to the brakes, making sure they don’t run hot. Side skirts as well act to focus the airflow under the vehicle, again working to initiate even better stability, and thus handling. A sporty look is one Maserati is always concerned with, but making sure it has a purpose to improve the driving dynamics is vital to go alongside its fashionable aesthetics. 

Interior Design
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Utility Sport Steering Wheel

The MC trim offers a couple different options for your desired steering wheel material. Three choices are available with full leather, leather and Alcantara, and a leather and carbon fiber mix.
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Premium Seat Features

Soft leather trim comes standard on the GranTurismo MC seats, while the front seats have the option of gorgeous Poltrona Frau leather and Alcantara, as well as carbon-fiber seat backs, at your preference.
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Maserati Easy Entry System

A two-door coupe like this often seems like it’s just designed with the driver and front passenger’s comfort in mind, but not with the GranTurismo. Thanks to an Easy Entry system that electronically slides the front seats back-and-forth for spacious entry, you’ll be able to hop into the coupe with ease and enjoy its surprisingly spacious rear room.

With modern vehicles comes the expectation of the best in connected technology on board, and Maserati understands this necessity through the wide selection of helpful and convenient features.

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Touchscreen Display

An 8.4-inch touchscreen is at your disposal, for navigation, entertainment and more, all through the Maserati Touch Control Plus system.
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Smart Device Link

Experience your favourite smartphone apps on the screen of your GranTurismo through either Apple CarPlay, Android Auto or Bluetooth link.
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Connected Features

It’s not just the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto features that connect you to the vehicle, so will the USB port, SD card reader and aux-in.
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Impressive Audio

10-speakers and a 750-watt amplifier make up the standard Harman Kardon audio system that comes standard.

Maserati has ensured that even at the height of power and sport utility that’s able to be produced from the GranTurismo you’ll feel comfortable and safe around every bend. The Maserati Stability Program is at the forefront of this security, consisting of a sensor monitoring system that looks at the conditions around you and adjusts to better optimize the handling specifications and grip needed to provide a safe drive. Further systems like Anti-Slip Regulation and the Motor-Spin Regulator are especially helpful when the weather turns sour in London, making sure that even when the road conditions are unpredictable your GranTurismo will never be ill prepared.


Let our Maserati of London dealership introduce you to the unmatched Maserati GranTurismo grand tourer. Representing the best of Italian craftsmanship and care, we’ll help match you to a Maserati that fits your needs. Beyond our sales and finance departments, who will assist you toward your dream vehicle, our parts and service departments will ensure it always remains in prime shape. Contact our dealership if you need any assistance, or just have a few questions to be answered.