History of the GranTurismo

Since 1947, the GranTurismo has been a vital part of Maserati history. Combining the best attributes of both high-speed and luxury driving, this is a car that represents the ultimate grand touring experience for many automotive enthusiasts. There have been many different variants of this car over the last 70 years, each contributing their own innovations to the legendary GranTurismo name. Wondering how the GranTurismo earned such a positive reputation in the automotive community? Below, we’ve put together a condensed history of the Maserati GranTurismo that celebrates some of its most notable iterations.

Maserati 1500 GranTurismo

The Origin

When the 1500 GranTurismo was first introduced to the world at the Geneva Motor Show in 1947, it was seen as a revolution in automotive design. Although only 61 models were originally produced, the 1500 GranTurismo laid the foundation for the GranTurismo models that followed.

Cutting-Edge Style

From the beginning, the GranTurismo name was synonymous with luxury. The 1500 GranTurismo featured an elegant interior design, complete with leather upholstery and branded pedals for the clutch and brakes.

Innovative Engineering

The 1500 GranTurismo was a technical achievement for its time, utilizing an overhead-cam engine with an advanced valvetrain. The valves were equipped with rockers, allowing them to be adjusted more easily than what was standard in that era of automotive design.

Maserati 1500 GranTurismo
1500 GranTurismo Highlights  
Production Years 1947 – 1950
Chassis Aluminum Body, Tubular Steel Frame
Horsepower 65 hp @ 4700 rpm
Top Speed 141 km/h
Maserati 3500GT

Increased Production

The Maserati 3500GT is an important vehicle in the history of the brand, as it was the first Maserati road car to be produced in a relatively large quantity. From 1957-1964, 937 models of the Maserati 3500GT were produced.

Refined Power

Capable of outputting 220 horsepower, the Maserati 3500GT featured a inline six-cylinder engine inspired by the 1956 Maserati 350S racing car. This performance was made possible through the use of an advanced fuel-injection system.

Great Success

The Maserati 3500GT enjoyed a great degree of commercial success, as did its companion model, the 3500GTI. This cemented the GranTurismo line as a mainstay in the automotive industry, and proved that Maserati could produce their models in greater numbers

Maserati 3500GT
Maserati 5000GT

Top-Tier Components

The chief engineer on the 5000GT development team was Giulio Alfieri, who decided to use only the finest vehicle components available. Because of this, the Maserati 5000GT featured unprecedented interior luxury and performance numbers.

Exclusive Excitement

Although the Maserati 3500GT found success with its larger production run, the 5000GT was intended to be an exclusive machine. Only 34 models were built from 1959 to 1965, one of which was requested by the Shah of Persia.

Premium Build Quality

Every Maserati 3500GT had its body built by a famous vehicle designer. This list includes Monterosa, Pinin Farina, Touring, Ghia, Bertone and more. All 34 models were built with extreme care to ensure the build quality was the best it could be.

Maserati 5000GT
5000GT Highlights  
Production Years 1959 – 1966
Body Types 2-door, 2+2 coupé
Horsepower 340 hp
Top Speed 270 km/h
Maserati Spyder GT

Dream Partnership

The Maserati Spyder GT made its debut in 2001 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The Spyder GT represented yet another big change for the GranTurismo, as Maserati began collaborating with Ferrari to develop this model.

Familiar Exterior, New Interior

On the outside, the Maserati Spyder GT was heavily inspired by the exterior design of the Maserati 3200GT. However, the interior of the Spyder GT was completely new, built from the ground-up to output more power than ever before.

Increased Power

The Maserati Spyder GT came equipped with a 4.2-liter V8 engine as well as a new gearbox that was located in the rear of the vehicle. With an output of 390 horsepower, the Spyder GT was well-received by driving enthusiasts from 2001 to 2007.

Maserati Spyder GT
Maserati Coupé GT

Brand New Experience

In January 2002, the Maserati Coupé was revealed at the Detroit Motor Show. Like the Spyder GT, it shared many exterior design elements with the 3200GT while featuring a completely new internal design.

Greater Performance

Like the Spyder GT, the Maserati Coupé had a maximum output of 390 horsepower. This power was made possible through the use of a new V8 engine and two transaxle gearbox options, one of which was electro-hydraulic-operated with gearshift paddles on the steering wheel.

Larger Production

Maserati produced 5,404 units of the Maserati Coupé, showing how far the GranTurismo brand had come since the original 1947 model. This car was produced from 2002 to 2007, enjoying a successful run.

Maserati Coupé GT
When Will the GranTurismo Return?

Although the GranTurismo ceased production in December 2019, drivers won’t have to wait too long to shop for this iconic car once more. The latest iteration of the GranTurismo is expected to feature an all-new design and release sometime in 2022. Maserati of London in Ontario will have all the details drivers need to know about this model once it’s formally revealed to the public.

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